Episode 617: Lockdown

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|label1 = Air Date
|label1 = Air Date
|data1 = April 12, 2010 (2010-04-12)
|data1 = April 12, 2010
|label2 = Viewing population (Million)
|label2 = Viewing population (Million)
|data2 = 10.799
|data2 = 10.799

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Air DateApril 12, 2010
Viewing population (Million)10.799
Weekly Ranking17
Final DiagnosisN/A

Episode Overview

The hospital goes into lockdown after a new born baby is found missing after being concieved by her parents on the same day. Cameron returns to see chase, but only to get him to sign their divorce papers. Chase refuses to sign them, and Cameron beings to leave the hospital, but she can't as the hospital is in lockdown. Wilson and thirteen are locked in the cafeteria together along with a number of other people, and they pass their time playing truth or dare, although as the game progresses we find out that Wilson is considering getting back together with his first wife, Sam. Taub and Foreman are confined to the storage room for patient files where they begin looking through various case files by house (finding nothing but him messing with Cuddy as all his patients are named after the Dean of Medicine). After a while they take a certain narcotic, getting high and go about reading each others' personal files whilst chasing each other around the room. Taub eventually destroys his file, as he thinks he hasn't accomplished as much as he should have. House is stuck in a patient's room who is dying. We find that the patient (Nash) wanted house to take his case before he got seriously ill, but House refused to take it. Nash has no flowers or visitors. We find that he left his daughter at a young age and now regrets this, house eventually convinces Nash to call his daughter but all he gets is the machine, where he leaves a message and hangs up. House asks if he would like to be given a higher dose of morphine of which Nash finally agrees to after he has called his daughter. Cameron tells Chase that she wasn't sure if she ever loved him, and Chase thanks her for her honesty. Chase eventually signs the divorce papers. After this they dance to a song chase plays on his phone, things begin to get heated, she then goes to the door and locks it. Cuddy finds the baby in Adrienne's (one of the nurses) cart and returns her to her mother. Cameron and Chase hear that the lockdown is over and reluctantly leave. Wilson tells Thirteen that he called to make a date with Sam.

Characters prsent in the episode

-Gregory House

-Eric Foreman


-Allison Cameron

-Robert Chase

-James Wilson

-Lisa Cuddy

-Dr. Remy Hadley


Air date and ratings

The episode originally aired on April 12, 2010. It recieved views in America of 10.799million people. The direction of the episode was mostly down to Hugh Laurie.

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