Amber Volakis

Amber Volakis
Played byAnne Dudek
First AppearanceEpisode 402: The Right Stuff
Date of BirthUnknown
Date of Death2008; Episode 416: Wilson's Heart

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Amber Volakis began as one of the potential subordinates of House's new diagnostic team. Amber is often referred to as "Cutthroat Bitch" by House because her ambitious drive and smarts manifest themselves very competitively. The nickname first stuck when House discovers that Amber tricks other candidates into dropping out of the competition for House's diagnostics team.

Amber is confident to the point of bordering on arrogant in the early episodes, and is easily one of the most disliked characters in the show. But the depth of her character is revealed as the show progresses, culminating into a totally unexpected revelation of her fun, understanding, and caring side in her relationship with Wilson. Amber shows perhaps the most character development and most the surprising breadth of development in the series, and near the end of Season 4 delivers a performance that will never be forgotten by fans.

Several things become poignantly obvious during the last few episodes of Season 4. Amber is a deeply caring person with a compassion completely unknown to the audience. Her vicious and competitive nature is starkly contrasted with her understanding, tolerance and willingness to compromise with House with regards to her time with Wilson. More importantly, during Episode 416: Wilson's Heart, her strength of character is revealed further when she learns of her condition, yet refuses to yield to despair, instead cherishing her last moments with Wilson in spite of every human being's natural fear of death.

These characteristics make the tragedy of her loss an even greater suffering for Wilson.


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[edit] Relations

Amber quickly becomes attached to Wilson and the two begin dating. The two share a very close relationship which begins to intrude on House's exclusive hold on Wilson. Several plot points are painstakingly detailed wherein House and Amber must vie for time with Wilson, though the latter always has top priority. House and Amber eventually work out a compromise whereby Wilson can spend time with House but must return home in time for a curfew.

When she dies, in Episode 416: Wilson's Heart, Wilson breaks down and resigns his position to try and get away from his pain.

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