[edit] Season 1

Episode 101: Neurocysticercosis
Episode 102: Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis
Episode 103: Colchicine poisoning
Episode 104: Echovirus 11
Episode 105: Copper allergy
Episode 106: Vitamin K deficiency, hepatocellular carcinoma, and Wilson's disease
Episode 107: African trypanosomiasis
Episode 108: Phosmet poisoning
Episode 109: Arteriovenous malformation
Episode 110: Tuberculoma and rabies
Episode 111: Naphthalene poisoning
Episode 112: Cadmium poisoning
Episode 113: Anthrax and leprosy
Episode 114: Congestive heart failure onset by bulimia and regular use of ipecac
Episode 115: Ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency
Episode 116: Cushing's disease secondary to pituitary adenoma
Episode 117: Delayed-onset CVID secondary to phenytoin-mediated Epstein-Barr virus infection.
Episode 118: LEMS secondary to Small cell lung carcinoma
Episode 119: Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura secondary to pregnancy
Episode 120: Fulminating osteomyelitis
Episode 121: Streptococcal infection (Farmer), Osteosarcoma (Volleyball Player), Thigh muscle infarction (House)
Episode 122: Acute intermittent porphyria

[edit] Season 2

Episode 201: Methanol poisoning and pheochromocytoma
Episode 202: Thrombosis
Episode 203: Endocarditis due to psittacosis
Episode 204: Nesidioblastoma and tuberculosis
Episode 205: Cavernous angioma and Radiation poisoning
Episode 206: Air embolism, pure red cell aplasia, thymoma, and myasthenia gravis
Episode 207: Echinococcosis
Episode 208: Behcet's Disease, then Hepatitis C and hepatocellular carcinoma from a Liver transplant
Episode 209: Clostridium perfringens and Munchausen syndrome
Episode 210: Cerebral malaria
Episode 211: Ritalin use and Hepatocellular adenoma
Episode 212: Serotonin syndrome
Episode 213: Male pseudohermaphroditism and testicular cancer
Episode 214: Brucellosis
Episode 215: Gold sodium thiomalate poisoning
Episode 216: Tick paralysis
Episode 217: Erdheim-Chester disease
Episode 218: Bubonic plague
Episode 219: Tuberous sclerosis and herpes encephalitis
Episode 220: Legionellosis (cop)
Episode 221: Legionellosis (induced) and primary amoebic meningoencephalitis due to infection by Naegleria fowleri (Foreman)
Episode 222: Pellagra, Coeliac disease and MALT lymphoma
Episode 223: Haemochromatosis and zygomycosis
Episode 224: No patients diagnosed

[edit] Season 3

Episode 301: Addison's disease (Richard), Scurvy (Caren)
Episode 302: Chimerism
Episode 303: Congestive heart failure secondary to senile cardiac amyloidosis
Episode 304: Baylisascaris
Episode 305: Hereditary angioedema
Episode 306: Small cell lung carcinoma
Episode 307: MERRF syndrome
Episode 308: Chronic granulomatous disease
Episode 309: Erythropoietic protoporphyria
Episode 310: Langerhans cell histiocytosis
Episode 311: Spinal meningioma
Episode 312: Chlamydia and pregnancy due to rape
Episode 313: Undigested toothpick
Episode 314: Diphyllobothrium latum causing Vitamin B12 deficiency
Episode 315: Takayasu's arteritis
Episode 316: Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia
Episode 317: Maternal mirror syndrome (Emma), Non-immune hydrops fetalis (Emma's baby)
Episode 318: Decompression sickness (Peng), Mass hysteria (Other passengers), Methyl bromide poisoning (Fran)
Episode 319: Precocious puberty due to externally applied testosterone
Episode 320: Staphylococcus aureus infection
Episode 321: Histoplasmosis
Episode 322: Bacterial infection due to suicide attempt
Episode 323: Haemochromatosis
Episode 324: Congenital heart defect (infected third coronary artery ostium)

[edit] Season 4

Episode 401: Allergic reaction to cephalosporins in misidentified patient
Episode 402: Von Hippel-Lindau disease
Episode 403: Strongyloidiasis
Episode 404: Ergotism
Episode 405: Eperythrozoon (Rickettsiaceae resulting from exposure to pig feces)
Episode 406: Selenosis ("John"); Heat stroke and Thallium poisoning (Casey)
Episode 407: Lyme disease
Episode 408: Autoimmune hemolytic anemia in systemic lupus erythematosus
Episode 409: Measles
Episode 410: Breast cancer in displaced breast tissue
Episode 411: Fat embolism from unrepaired broken toe
Episode 412: Nephroptosis
Episode 413: Chagas disease
Episode 414: Hypersensitivity vasculitis due to Quinine allergy
Episode 415: Air embolism from dental work (bus driver)
Episode 416: Amantadine poisoning

[edit] Season 5

Episode 501: Diffuse lepromatous leprosy
Episode 502: Transplanted cancer stem cells
Episode 503: Food Bolus Bezoar caused by massive drug intake
Episode 504: Metal pins in brain displaced by a magnet.
Episode 505: Candidiasis secondary to Sjögren's syndrome
Episode 506: Familial Mediterranean fever (Jerry and Samantha), Pulmonary hypoplasia (Joy)
Episode 507:
Episode 508:

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