Diagnostic Team

[edit] Definition

A diagnostic team is defined as 'A group of knowledgeable representatives of the parties of interest'. In this case the diagnostic team in House is based on medical skills and knowledge. Their job is to help diagnose the illnesses of the patients that they are attempting to treat. They are subordinates to Gregory House and usually they obey his every order or need. Although the original team had broken up, a new one was rapidly formed during season 4. During season 6, each individual was interested or around the diagnostic team, eventually ending with 4 people and House in the team.

[edit] Members of the team

- Allison Cameron (Seasons 1-3)

- Robert Chase (1-3, 6)

- Eric Foreman (1-6)

- Taub (4-6)

- Dr. Remy Hadley (4-6)

- Lawrence Kutner (4-5)

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