Dr. James Wilson

James Wilson
Played byRobert Sean Leonard
First AppearanceEpisode 101: Pilot
Date of BirthUnknown

James Wilson is a major character in House MD. He is an oncologist, and is Head of Oncology at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, where the show takes place. Wilson is soft spoken and polite, and is often seen as being a pushover. He is a complete contrast to the maverick and wild House, whic his why Wilson is House's "best friend". The term is used loosely since House has no qualms bugging, insulting, and otherwise doing things to make Wilson miserable. Wilson takes most of their conversations in stride and the two share a strange, yet compelling friendship. The relationship between House and Wilson play a central role in nearly every episode of House, as House often goes to talk with Wilson about various (non-medical) issues. The two share the same balcony and House often enters via the balcony door to Wilson's office.

To complement the ramrod straight walking personality of his character, Wilson drives a Volvo.

[edit] Strange Relationship with House

As strange as Wilson's relationship is with House, the two are actually quite close. The conversations the two have often unveil deep motivations, fears, and feelings that would otherwise never be revealed about House. House is often a bully in their relationship, as evidenced by his frequent interruptions while Wilson is consulting with patients, or his attempts to blackmail Wilson in various episodes - House enjoys stealing Wilson's lunch or else putting his lunch on Wilson's bill at the hospital cafeteria.

[edit] Background

[edit] Medical History

[edit] Methods

[edit] Relations

In Season 4, Wilson starts to see a mystery woman that he does not wish House to meet. It later becomes known that this mystery woman is Amber Volakis, aka "Cutthroat Bitch" whom House had cut from his group of potential diagnostic team members.

WARNING: Big Spoiler

When Amber dies, Wilson becomes devastated, and that adds another reason to his resignation from the hospital in Episode 501: Dying Changes Everything.

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