Dr. Remy Hadley

Remy Hadley
Rhadley.jpgNumber Thirteen
Played byOlivia Wilde
First AppearanceEpisode 402: The Right Stuff
Date of BirthUnknown

Dr. Remy Hadley is one of the current four working under House and is constantly referred to Thirteen.


[edit] Background

Hadley is the most mysterious of House's second group of subordinates. She treats everyone equally, until they are harming themselves. Those that do drugs or have other disadvantageous habits that are/can slowly kill(ing) them, are opposed by her. Hadley has absolutely no respect for that type of person. She believes that it is necessary to live life to it's fullest and completely enjoy it while you can.

In the Season 4 finale, Hadley tests herself for Huntington's Disease. Her mother had a 50% percent chance of passing the genetic disease on to her daughter. The fact that she might have had Huntington's disease, was one of the major factors contributing to her becoming a doctor and working under House. Hadley wanted to face the challenges of life and experience it as a full.

Remy's sexual orientation was always under watch by House. For more information visit: here.

[edit] Medical History

[edit] Methods

[edit] Relations

Dr. Hadley was one of the more secretive workers for House. He could not tell her sexual orientation at all. At one point it seemed as if the two might have had some sort of relationship but that notion quickly dissipated. Specifically in Episode 505: Lucky Thirteen. In this episode, Hadley brings in a patient (Spencer)after she had a seizure. Partially into the episode, Remy has to perform a physical check on Spencer and the two make it semi-intimate. Their initial one-night stand was caused by Hadley and she never intended on seeing Spencer again, but Hadley was just being used by Spencer as a path to get diagnosed by House.

Overall, Remy Hadley is the first bisexual staff member of the House M.D. team.

Here is the preview of episode 505, showing the kiss between Spencer and Hadley:

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