Episode 302: Cane and Able

Cane and Able
Air DateSeptember 12, 2006
Viewing population (Million)15.74
Weekly Ranking14
Final DiagnosisChimerism

House believes that he failed to diagnose his last patient in Meaning, he is in pain because of this, although he denies it to anyone that asks. His new patient is a young boy with rectal bleeding nd hallucinations of invading aliens. As the team perform a series of results they find that their bleeding time tests are all different, leading to accusations between Chase and Foreman that one of them got the diagnosis wrong. When the patient claims to have a tracking device in the back of his neck, Chase discovers an unknown metal object exactly in that spot, although House proves that it is just a surgical pin that was placed in his arm when he broke it at an earlier age.

Cuddy and Wilson decide not to tell House the truth about his previous case, thinking that perhaps he will learn some humility if he believes he is not always right. Cameron discovers this lie but Cuddy convinces her to hold off telling House. The team then discover cells with a different type of DNA in Clancy's (the patient) body, starting to think that maybe his ideas of aliens are n ot so far-fetched anymore. A frustrated House gives up on his young patient, forcing Cuddy to re-think her desire to hold back the truth. When she finally tells House the truth about his last case, he is relieved that he still has the ability to diagnose, this prompts an idea of what is wrong with the patient. House tells the parents that Clancy has chimerism, where there are two sets of DNA in one body and that they must perform brain surgery by inducing electric shocks to the part of the brain which is responsible for hallucinations, causing Clancy's own cells to "light up", while his brother's cells would remain dark, allowing for their identification and removal.

At the end of the episode Wilson claims that if House had known the truth, he would have thought of himself as God, to which House simply replies "God doesn't limp". House the starts to use his cane once again.

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