Episode 504: Birthmarks

Nicole, 25 years old and Chinese, who was adopted by an American family and has just returned from trying to find her biological parents on a trip to China. She had developed symptoms while there and had been flown home to New Jersey. Lisa Cuddy drugs Gregory House and gets James Wilson to take him to his father's funeral.

House has disbelief that his father is his biological father, and snips some DNA secretly.

House's father is not his real dad.

Meanwhile, Nicole is being treated for SARS due to the Chinese doctor's false diagnosis.

Her birth parents had tried to kill her when she was born because of China's one child policy. Her father had driven iron nails into her skull and when that didn't work gave her to an orphanage. A magnet had dislodged one or more nails/pins in her head and she was also getting too much iron from the nails thus causing more problems.

Taub tells his wife about the infidelity that moved him from being a plastic surgeon to being part of House's team.

[edit] Quotes

  • "He's not my biological father. I figured it out when I was 12."

"Of course. You were a brilliant, socially isolated 12-year-old and you create a parallel universe in which your life doesn't suck."

  • "This guy was a total stranger to you and you bailed him out?"

"It was a boring convention and I had to have someone to drink with."

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