Eric Foreman

Eric Foreman
Played byOmar Epps
First AppearanceEpisode 101: Pilot
Date of BirthJuly 20, 1973
OccupationDiagnostic team member

[edit] Character Overview

Eric Foreman is a character on the Fox medical drama House played by Omar Epps. He is a member of the diagnostic team led by Gregory House he also has a speciality of being a neurologist. Foreman was also a former juvenile delinquent who once burglarized houses and stole cars as mentioned in the first episode of the show (Pilot). He is regarded as one of the brightest and promising members of the team, even given the role of taking over from House as head of diagnostic medicine in the first few episodes of the sixth season, when House does not have his medical liscence. Foreman's family also appear in the show, his father in the seccond season along with his mother who has Alzheimer's disease. His brother Marcus doesn't appear until the 6th season when he is hired as House's assistant. Foreman becommes a patient in the seccond season episode of Euphoria where he is infected with a disease that could potnetially kill him, nearly infecting Allison Cameron with the disease in order for her to save his life. At the end of season 3, he leaves the team and eventually becommes head of Diagnostic medicine at New York Mercy, although he later returns to the team after he is fired from the job. House frequently targets Foreman with racist jokes, although Foreman usually brushes them off. Foreman seems to respect House as medical skills go, although he regularly tells individuals that he believes House to be an anarchist and a manipulative bastard. Foreman is currently part of the Diagnostic team along with Taub, Dr. Remy Hadley and Robert Chase.

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