Gregory House

Gregory House
Played byHugh Laurie
First AppearanceEpisode 101: Pilot
Date of BirthJune 11, 1959

Gregory House, M.D., is the main character and emphasis of the hit medical drama House. Played by Hugh Laurie, House is a cynical, misanthropic medical genius who manages a team of diagnostics at the fictional Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. House's character is noted to be partly inspired by Sherlock Holmes.

Although he is widely respected as an excellent doctor, House's unconventional methods to conducting diagnosis and immoderate therapeutic motives lead him to conflicts between himself and his colleagues, particularly Dr. Foreman. Moreover, House is often portrayed having little to no compassion for his patients, and prefers to devote his time to solving pathological enigmas.

The show also largely focuses on House's addiction to Vicodin in order to alleviate sharp pains originating from an infarction in the quadriceps muscle of his right leg, which is the reason why he walks with a cane. Although his closest colleagues Dr. James Wilson and Dr. Lisa Cuddy have repeatedly encouraged House to go to drug rehabilitation, no successful attempts have been made to get House off the drug as of then. After an encounter with an irritaed police officer for leaving him alone in an examination room for hours house is set on trail for drug trafficing. After Dr. Lisa Cuddy lies to the judge about House stealing the perscription pad from Dr. James Wilson House attends rehab.


[edit] Background

"When I was 14 my father was stationed in Japan. I went rock climbing with this kid from school. He fell, got injured and I had to bring him to the hospital. We came in through the wrong entrance and passed this guy in the hall. It was a janitor. My friend came down with an infection and the doctors didn't know what to do. So they brought in the janitor. He was a doctor. And a Buraku. One of Japan's untouchables. His ancestors had been slaughterers, grave diggers. And this guy, he knew that he wasn't accepted by the staff, he didn't even try. He didn't dress well. He didn't pretend to be one of them. The people that ran that place, they didn't think that he had anything they wanted. Except when they needed him. Because he was right. Which meant that nothing else mattered. And they had to listen to him." House tells why he became a doctor in Season 3 Episode 7.

He went to John Hopkins, but was thrown out for cheating.

[edit] Life

  • Plays Piano
  • Plays Guitar
  • Watches General Hospital
  • Plays XBOX360
  • Hires prostitutes a lot
  • Has been through 3 teams
  • Watches baseball

[edit] Medical History

Cameron once says "His leg hurts. Walking takes his mind off of it."

[edit] Specialties

  • Being an ass
  • Infectious diseases
  • Nephrology
  • Diagnostician

[edit] Relations

House has the tendency to approach most of his female coworkers, such as Dr. Cameron from time to time in unusual manners. When Cameron was a subordinate of his, he stared at her oddly and treated her differently from the others (aside from being the only female of the group) and mocked her for her initial, and short lived, attraction to him. His relationship with Dr. Lisa Cuddy has become more apparent, he openly flirts with her and at one point shares an emotional kiss after he admits he doesn't now why he said she would suck as a mother.

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