Huntington's Disease

Huntington's disease, also known as HD, Degenerative Chorea, and Huntington's Chorea, is a hereditary disease that degenerates neurons in certain areas of the brain. Signs and symptoms usually develop in middle aged people. Younger people with Huntington's disease symptoms may progress more quickly even though it is rarer for them to show any signs of the disease.


Dementia like symptoms that may include:

   * Loss of memory
   * Inpaired judgment
   * Personality changes
   * Disorientation

Also it may cause some unusual movements that may include:

   * Head turning to shift eye position
   * Uncontrollable movements
   * Involuntary muscle movements, kind of like a muscle spasms
   * Unbalanced gait

Additional symptoms may include:

   * Hallucinations
   * Irritability
   * Moodiness
   * Restlessness
   * Paranoia
   * Anxiety
   * Difficulty with swallowing
   * Some speech impairment

The disease may ultimately lead to the following:

   * Unable to care for themselves or interact with others
   * Increased risk of infection
   * Depression and/or suicide
   * Death

There is no cure for Huntington's disease. People normally only live around 20 years with the disease. There are some medications that can help manage with some of the symptoms of the disease.

The source for this information is just from searching the internet and learning about it. I will add more information as I find it including:

Treatments that help cope with the disease, Cause(s) of the disease, Prevention for people who have a history of Huntington's Disease in their family, And how you are diagnosed with the disease.

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