Rebecca Adler

Rebecca Adler appears in Episode 1 as a guest.

[edit] Plot

While teaching her kindergarten class, Rebecca becomes dysphasic, then ultimately collapses on the floor convulsing. At the hospital, Wilson, describes the case to House: A Female, 29, first seizure one month ago, progressive deterioration of mental status.

We are then introduced to House's team. Allison Cameron, Robert Chase and Eric Foreman, who all seem to be quite bored due to the lack of cases House has been receiving lately.

The first procedure is a CT scan, performed by Cameron and Foreman, but during this procedure the patient has another seizure. An emergency tracheotomy is performed in order to facilitate her breathing. House then wonders if the patient has vasculitis, or inflamed blood vessels, but Cameron points out that you can't diagnose vasculitis without a biopsy. House decides to treat his diagnosis with performing the required tests, which is to give the patient steroids.

House wants to know if there's anything in the patients apartment that would cause her to react the way she did, so he tells Foreman and Cameron to break in. He does so, inreluctantly. Meanwhile, the steroids House gave the patient seem to be having the desired effect. Later in the night, Wilson is giving the patient some routine tests when all of a sudden she proclaims that she's not able to see.

Back in the patients apartment, Foreman finds ham in her fridge, but neglects to tell House about it right away. After knowing this, House comes to the conclusion that the patient must have a tapeworm in her brain. The patient refuses any more treatments and just wants to die in peace. She makes a deal that if they show her evidence of the tapeworm then she will take the treatment. Chase then suggests they do an x-ray to check for worms. House then realizes that if there's a tapeworm in her brain, then there must be one in her leg.

The x-ray shows worm larvae in her high muscle. She will only need a small number of pills in order to get rid of the tapeworm and make a full recovery.

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