Played byPeter Jacobson
First AppearanceEpisode 402: The Right Stuff
Date of BirthUnknown

Christopher Taub is one of the current four working under House and is usually just called Taub.


[edit] Background

Taub was a very successful plastic surgeon before leaving due to an affair with a nurse. Upon finding this out, the associates blackmailed him out of the business by threatening to inform his wife of the affair. To cover up the story for his wife he created a fictional story of how he killed a patient and thus could no longer work where he currently was.

[edit] Medical History

Previous to joining House's team, Taub was an established plastic surgeon. His place of work has not been revealed, but while working there, he began an affair with a nurse and was blackmailed to leave the business afterwards.

[edit] Methods

Having no other fall-back set aside, Taub puts his best effort into all he does for House. He wants to do his best and stand out from the others to ensure his security as an employee.

[edit] Relations

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